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    I have been given an i9300 but it has cyanogen rom installed, i want to put it back to stock. I have used odin many times before and never had an issue but this is perplexing me.

    This phone was not modded by me so i have no backups for it etc.

    i downloaded a stock rom file for orange uk, put the phone in download mode with my jig and hooked it upto my pc, odin found the port and i began the usual flashing. However it got to the pit file, and it just hung for around 10 mins or so then failed.

    I am assuming i will need a correct pit file to repartition the pit area on the phone the same time i flash it. However i cannot find a pit file for a uk orange galaxy s3 16gb

    can anyone help me with this please?
    07-31-2014 08:41 AM

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