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    Hello experts
    as i was facing problems with my sim card i rebooted my mobile many times after several reboots my htc wildfire stopped working (comes with htc logo and stares for 10 mins and the main screen appears but the touch doesnt work - before that i tried to do factory setting ) now i cant even get in to boot loader the volume down key and power button together doesnt work)
    and i inserted sim and it is not getting signals(as i tried to call from the other mobile)
    and ofcourse i think i pressed the optionsome thing like "image cee"
    and then reset factory settings (not sure which one first)
    i tried to remove battery and waiting for hours and re inserted the bateery same problem again n again
    please answer any one..
    Thank you in advance
    08-02-2014 05:51 AM

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