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    So put a 32gb mini sd card in my galaxy3mini when I first got it. Once I learned how to use the phone I started to put music on the card...
    everything was fine...then there was a dreaded OS upgrade and the card has never [almost] been seen again. Actually it is seen, just not usable.

    when I go into settings/more/storage/SD card/....the only option is to Mount the card....told it is blank...no s**t Sherlock......so you go back to the notifications area where is says "blank sd card" "or has no supported..." press that And I get asked if I want to format...well why not?Format it and now the card is safe to remove??????????? Go back to Storage & nothing has changed and the card is not acknowledged.Did Ior the OS turn something off we shouldn't have????
    08-02-2014 12:26 PM

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