1. adamchrissy's Avatar
    My Tesco Hudl is faulty and I will be sending it to Tesco for repair
    I am saving or deleting apps and personal information on the Hudl

    I use both the outlook app and the pre-installed email app that I have connected to my outlook/hotmail email

    Before sending it for repair I would like to know how to:

    1) Delete all the email in the email app that came reinstalled on the device (Hotmail/outlook is my provider)
    but without deleting all the emails on my hotmail account at the same time ie when I look at my hotmail account on another platform they are still there. (without deleting the app itself)

    2)Delete the Outlook app from the device without deleting all the email from my outlook account (so I can still view them on another platform and when I re-install the app post repair.


    3) If I delete all the contacts on the pre-installed contact app will they be deleted from my microsoft / outlook account as well? If they do is there a way of deleting them on the Hudl but not on my microsoft/outlook contacts?
    08-02-2014 12:05 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! They will most likely do a factory reset when they receive your tablet, so why not just do a factory reset before you send it? That will wipe the tablet. Your email app simply syncs with your web email, so you'll still have your emails there. The Contacts should also be syncing with either your Google account or Outlook account, so you won't lose them. Just make sure everything has synced one last time before doing the factory reset.
    08-02-2014 12:32 PM

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