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    I have a Galaxy S3 and it broke Thursday. I'm getting a refurbished one thanks to my Geek Squad protection from Best Buy, however I'm concerned about the information on my phone. I'm mainly worried about my phone's contacts. I tried using the Android Mirror connection cord, however it required to debug my phone which I can't do because the screen is unusable. So I tried connecting with a cord to the computer but the device isn't properly installing. My phone does have a SIM Card and another one I can't tell you, I think a SD card (the card that gets pulled out left, it's on the left side idk)?? But anyways, should I try figuring out a way to get my contacts on my phone to my computer and worry about that later, or are the contacts saved through one of the cards on the phone? I'm also concerned about photos because I have some pictures from concerts I'd love to keep. I'm so worried that I actually feel nauseous. Someone please help??
    08-03-2014 04:05 AM
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    this sort of thing will happen all the time, people must be able to easily get the repair shop to copy data for them?

    anyway, what i do know is its likely the photos and contacts were synchronised to your google account, meaning you can access it from anywhere. use a web browser on a computer or tablet etc to sign into your google account, google dashboard should show most areas of the account:

    i dont know enough about synchronising pictures/photos, as i have never done that, but you might need to manually check google drive.

    its also possible that you had an app like dropbox sync your photos to a dropbox account.

    or the photos could be saved on the SD card.. dont leave the SD card in your broken phone, there is no need. you can plug it into a laptop or computer if there is a card reader of the correct size. if there is no card reader, you can buy an adapter that looks like a usb flash/thumb/pen drive, you put the card into the usb adaptor, then plug it in, and the computer (and possibly tablet) can read it.
    08-03-2014 06:32 AM

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