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    I am not a fan of the new kit kate update.
    Hate the new 'theme' appearance and camera button functions. The UI is just awful.

    So I know rooting is going to be obvious. Thats not the issue.
    The issue in this case is this: knowing the firmware version that i was previously on when rooting the phone to be able to go back to jelly bean 4.3 and sense 5.5

    I want to revert to the UI that looked like this which i believe is jelly bean 4.3 and htc sense 5.5
    or as the UI appears in this video: (cant post link, but youtube : Update HTC One to HTC Sense 5.5 with Android KitKat 4.4 by Sakitech. (even though the video shows kit kat, i am wanting to revert back to jelly bean.)

    NO camera update, the upper menu tray (battery status, beats audio, etc) still appeared in color
    Just wanting to know or whats the best way to ensure that i can get back to this UI?
    I know the sense and jelly bean version but what else would i need to know? Tried to extract
    as much info from htc as i could through chat, but i dont think the girl i was talking to was very knowledgeable.
    However just one more thing:
    Carrier is vzw
    when i did the first update to kit kat, i noticed that emoji keyboard was present, but ui still looked the same (jelly bean UI) . When i check play store to see what keyboard i may have installed, none that i can see.

    So end goal here is:

    revert back to JB 4.3 / sense 5.5
    old sms app view :
    (attachement button in the actual add text field) spefically what im after
    but ensuring that the use of emojis is stil; capable/ functional

    Any help with firmware versions, any other vital info i may need to complete a successful root to prior versions

    any help would be great

    08-03-2014 08:02 PM

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