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    Hello, I recently purchased my first android phone and love it. LG G3, I've been messing around with tons of SMS apps since I don't like the stock messaging app that comes with the phone. I don't know the difference between SMS and MMS so maybe this is why I'm asking this question.

    I tested sending pictures from my an iPhone, LG G2 and an HTC One and discovered this...

    I've tried TONS of SMS apps from the playstore and I noticed about 90% of them (when made default) display receiving pictures perfectly!
    And the other 10% of these SMS apps (when made default) receive pictures pixlated. Why does this happen? And why does this only happen on some apps? (ALWAYS MY FAVORITE ONES!) - Th

    Here's an example:
    Good (Stock messaging, Go SMS Pro) - imgur.com/WyKzLO7
    Bad (Hello SMS, Evolve SMS) - imgur.com/FIDRWFN

    Just to confirm, this is only when I recieve pictures. When I send them they are beautiful on the other persons end (Unless they're using those bad SMS apps of course)
    08-04-2014 01:12 AM

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