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    Hello, I don't know if this issue has been addressed before, but recently my phone, which I've had for around 2 years now (Sony Xperia U) has recently encountered a problem where the phone has lost WiFi signal. I cannot toggle WiFi off and on through any of the settings, and the only way that I'm aware of to resume connectivity is to restart the phone completely. I've tried using other devices on the same WiFi connection, and they've worked perfectly. Furthermore, the problem is consistent on other WiFi networks, so it's not down to the router. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    08-04-2014 06:31 AM
  2. STARGATE's Avatar
    If you don't have a WiFi toggle you can use airplane mode.
    Anyway, did the phone get a recent update?
    Have you downloaded any app that might be causing this?

    Did you check the WiFi settings?
    Sony Xperia U loses WiFi randomly; need to restart phone to get it working-1407155017323.jpg

    Sent From Another Galaxy
    08-04-2014 07:23 AM
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    I guess I didn't explain properly. I can turn WiFi off through the settings, but the icon still remains up at the top. I can turn the little WiFi slider to the off position on the settings, but it still shows me the WiFi networks. If I go back to the menu, the slider reverts to the on position (Which it shouldn't), and the WiFi symbol is still present at the top of the phone, although I still cannot connect to the internet. I can turn airplane mode on, but the WiFi symbol still remains, next to the airplane symbol. The phone hasn't been updated recently (I'm using android 4.0.4), and I haven't downloaded any apps that might have affected connectivity. I have also had the "always on" setting on, like the in image
    08-04-2014 07:43 AM
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    Since I'm not familiar with that phone it sounds weird to me.
    But let me try to enlist someone else in here.

    Sent From The 5th Galaxy Inside The Time Vortex.
    08-04-2014 11:39 PM
  5. 09Bios's Avatar
    I have exactly the same trouble in a Xperia L device...
    08-05-2014 09:57 AM
  6. maestroozilvcc's Avatar
    i have the same problem on my acer liquid z500, after some time on wifi i lose the connection and i have to restart the phone, my phone IP adress is the same as PC's that could be the problem, other devices are working correctly in my house, i tried this on other router it also won't work

    mobile is just brand new, 2 days old.. i'm having the same difficulty

    i tried turning on GPS and google location for this problem, it didn't solve it, did factory reset also can't help, my version is 4.4.2 and i think it is up to the android version that it automatically downloaded last time, i think this could be the problem, try to install some previous versions of android system on ur phone.. or just send it to sony services, i did that to mine phone, i'm waiting it for return

    hope you solve your problems!
    01-05-2015 10:42 AM

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