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    I have been on phone with Rackspace and Verizon for 2 days over 4 hours and no one can help me. I have the Galaxy S5 and have 2 email accounts coming in to them. My personal AOL acct comes in fine and no issues. But my other account which is on rackspace acct and server won't come in after you first set up account and they are downloaded. So to bring in any emails we have to delete the set up and re set it. Ridiculous and a lot of wasted time. Today a Rackspace tech finally said that it's because they are set to come into both my desk top and my phone and with this phone you cannot have both open at same time.
    Ridiculous. I travel all over the world and need to have my emails stay on my desk top and on my phone at same time.
    I have always had blackberry world phone and it worked perfectly. Is this an issue that Samsung is aware of.
    Once i delete emails, they do come in again a few days later.
    Any assistance anyone can give? HELP!!
    08-04-2014 02:59 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Is the Rackspace account POP3 or IMAP?
    03-31-2015 05:24 PM

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