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    I am currently experiencing an issue in which my phone is not receiving push notifications from several apps (but IS receiving push notifications from others!)... I believe this has been caused by the hard reset (aka factory reset) that I did on my phone after being instructed to by the sales employees at the Sprint store...

    In late June I began experiencing frequent dropped calls, which was obviously extremely inconvenient. I went to Sprint and told them. In the store they said it was possible it was because they were updating a tower near me (which IS what it turned out to be), but anyways they did a soft reset on my phone (which of course I already tried...) and told me I need to do a hard reset next because it was not resolved by the Soft reset. I told them I’d back up everything and do it myself.

    I was too busy that week to do the hard reset, so I put it off until about July 7th, About 4 days after I stopped experiencing calls being dropped. I fully backed up everything I needed on my phone and did the hard reset, in case I had any future problems I would be able to tell the silly Sprint people that they needed to actually try something else.

    I re-installed everything without a hitch. No problems. Things worked fine again, because after all, things were really fine with my phone before, it was just the tower being updated.... UNTIL, I started noticing that several apps were not sending me push notifications that should have been sent!!!!!!

    I checked all of the settings on my phone, including in all of the apps that are not making alerts to my notifications tray. Everything is in order to send these notifications, however they are just not appearing!

    Obviously this is very inconvenient and frustrating!

    Additional information:
    -My phone is an LG Mach, running Android 4.0.4
    -I have never rooted my phone.
    -Yes, I have tried the "Push Notifications Fixer No-Root" app, it has not helped the issue.
    -Since I did the hard reset, I have also noticed that my Wi-Fi turns on automatically when I plug my phone in. It never did that before, and there are no settings or reasons that I can seem to find for why it is doing this. I don’t know if this would be related.

    The apps that are NOT sending push notifications as far as I’m aware are:
    -Ingress, Snapchat, Facebook, Tinder, IFTTT, Tyrant Unleashed

    The apps that ARE still making notifications and things appear in the Notifications tray as far as I'm aware are:
    -Hot or Not, Messaging, Calling, Voicemail, Sprint ID, Screenshot UX, Mobile Security, Music, Flashlight, Gmail, Flash Alarm, Alarm/Clock, Holy Bible

    Honestly I am out of ideas here! I have no clue what is causing this! I am afraid of taking my phone back to sprint! They consistently make these issues worse for me! please help!

    I would so sincerely appreciate any help! Thank you for taking your time to help me!
    08-04-2014 04:47 PM

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