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    I updated to the kitkat version that was provided at this site(gionee main site), and it went well and all was good.

    I am using it for 2 days now and i would like to review it and ask some questions that i would to be answered.

    1. In the kitkat the size of storage available to phone storage is 9.9Gb in kitkat and was 10.3Gb in 4.2, so was this really necessory to cut the 500 MB form the available space to us? From 16 Gb we get only 9.9 GB? IS this for real that kitkat needs 500MB more than jelly bean?

    2. Doing a system restore takes tripple the time of what it was used to take with 4.2.

    3. The system manager app is messed up. i cant attach the image here if i could i would tell you how messed up it is , in system manager if we open the default app settings it does not show the right app in its right place like for eg, if we want to set to open launcher as default it shows messaging in place of navi launcher, and so on every entry is shifted one place down form what it was supposed to be.

    This is the most disappointing of the all problems, that your native system manager app is not configured properly before releasing the kitkat and it now feels like it is the Beta version that is still under progress that you released for E7 mini here- htt p: //g ionee.co .i n / e7m ini-k itkat-updat e/Steps to Update E7 Mini to Kitkat | Gionee Smartphone India[/url]

    5. Also i would like to know that i have a connection which requires a proxy and authentication to connect to wifi, but gionee does not ask for authentication and the cloud apps and online apps does not work and says no connection when i am connected to wifi and where as browsers does work excellent.

    Vishal Kotwar
    08-05-2014 04:33 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! The problem is with Gionee, not KitKat. Stock KitKat does not have the system manager app that you're describing, so it is most likely a proprietary system app made or distributed by Gionee. The decrease in your phone storage might be related to increased OS requirement, but it could also be due to additional bloatware added by Gionee. I would contact their support with these questions.

    To enter proxy information for a wifi network, go to Settings>Wi-Fi, long-press on the network in question, then Modify Network, then tap on the checkbox for "Show Advanced Options." You can enter Proxy information there.
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    08-05-2014 02:19 PM

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