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    I've enjoyed using my Samsung Note II for almost two years now but for this entire time, when I click on a phone number, I'm asked if I want to make the call by the Phone or my Kasperky AntiVirus.... similarly, if I click on a link or something like that, I'm asked if I want to open in the Browser or very oddly the stupid NFL game preloaded on the phone. If I open an attached image, I'm asked if I want to open via the Gallery or PShop Express. Each time I click on 'Always' and use the sensible option.... being the Phone, the Browser, and the Gallery, yet I'm still getting these options popping up. Once I click and an option and make it to be the 'always use'/default, I get a second notif saying that if I want to change Default settings, how to go about that. When will this end? I called Samsung support and then recommended reformating the phone, factory reset. I already this this a couple of times for other reasons. This will not help. Any ideas??
    08-05-2014 02:46 PM

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