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    Hey everyone, So I had cm11 on my rooted galaxy nexus(sprint) and was updating it(I had nightly) anyway I noticed I had 2 updates for the phone so I install the update on top then reboot and go to install the one below it. Well after I do this as soon as I unlocked my phone I was spammed with "unfortunately trebuchet has stopped working" I was getting verrrry annoyed at this point because just before this coverage with every phone in the house stopped working due to a sprint related issue. Anyway the launcher failed hard. I couldn't do anything even go to the settings. So I had to do a restore, however I wiped the phone before trying to install a restore point ( because when I was first rooting my phone it glitched out if I didn't wipe it before switching to cm11) well anyway after it's wiped I go to recover which I had 2 recoveries of stock android rom and a working cm11 rom both of which are gone. Wtf? I mean now I can't even get the phone to boot, I have looked up ways to get the phone in usb debugging because it wont show on my pc so I can put cm11 or a freaking stock rom and gapps back on it. Rooting has only been a headache. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated
    08-06-2014 05:02 AM

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