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    apparently i have to write this again since i couldn't find my previous post.

    Okay, so last night i decided to root and install mod, since some of my friends kept telling me how awesome it is. Unfortunately I'm a complete noob in these things.

    I followed the instructions in rooting, everything went fine. Same thing with paranoidandroid, I only had to install clockworkmod before that. I noticed the actual problem after that.
    In the phone's setup, i found out that i couldn't connect wifi. I wrote the password like 10 times before realizing that the password is correct. I managed to get the wifi work, but i had to be like 1 m away from the device. Normally I could be like 15 m away and watch hd movies.

    Also another thing. After waking up i reinstalled root_kernel file. (too embarrassed to explain why). Apparently my phone didn't like it It only started until the samsung icon. I wiped everything and fortunately had the idea of reinstalling mod. Now I'm back at the starting point, luckily.

    So any help with the wifi?
    I'm using samsung galaxy s3 3g 4.3jellybean (I9300)
    Used saferoot and paranoidandroid mod.
    08-06-2014 06:47 AM

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