1. AC Question's Avatar
    I know there are a few threads on here already, but none of the "solutions" have worked for me.

    Sync Manager will not transfer music from my Mac to my phone. I've had problems with it since I ever started using it over a year ago. I became quite hopeful with it when I downloaded their newest version of it the other day.... but of course got my hopes up for nothing. With the old software, I was at least able to fight with my phone/computer for 20 minutes and get my music transferred.

    Last week, all of my music on my phone disappeared, so I went on my computer to transfer it. I used the new Sync Manager, and all my music on there, but when I hit the button to put it on my phone, it tells me: "Unable to transfer file to phone. Please reconnect your device. [32]" The Sync Manager, in the bottom left corner, DOES tell me that my phone is connected the whole time.

    I've dis- and reconnected my phone multiple times, tried it with USB debugging on and off, enabled and disabled any possible settings my phone gives me an option for, uninstalled Sync Manager and tried transferring it other ways, and I tried the method of restarting my computer with my phone plugged into it. None of this works.

    If anyone can please tell me how to make this work, or if you know of any other programs I can use to put my music from my computer to my phone, please let me know. (The option of re-downloading all of my music using an app or the internet from my phone is out of the question---I have too much music for that) I am BEYOND frustrated with this. I have never thought about abandoning my Android phones for an iPhone, but this is pushing me toward the edge. DON'T MAKE ME GET AN IPHONE!
    08-06-2014 06:43 PM
  2. ElWarboGrande's Avatar
    I'm having the exact same problem, except that HTC sync manager used to work for me and as of about a week ago it doesn't. I can see there are no responses here, so did you ever find a solution?
    04-13-2015 03:12 PM

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