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    How do I turn my screen on when it's black? I tried power, holding power down for 10 seconds, holding power with the volume button, and the home and back buttons light up for a second, but then go away and the screen stays black.

    I haven't tried taking the battery out, because I don't know how to do that either. So, another question, how do you take the battery out of GS5?

    08-06-2014 10:50 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! What happened that led to the screen going black? Did it cut out all of a sudden? Did the phone get really warm? Were you playing a specific game? Do you remember what the battery was at when it cut out?

    Have you tried keeping it plugged into a wall outlet for 10-12 hours, undisturbed, to make sure it's completely charged up?

    To remove the battery, look at page 12 of the manual: http://downloadcenter.samsung.com/co...D06_140312.pdf. When you take it out, lay it flat on a table and try to spin it. If it spins freely, it's bulging in the middle, which is a sign of a failing battery--you should try a new one.
    08-06-2014 11:02 PM
  3. gogwenjen's Avatar
    Thanks for getting back to me. My phone was in my purse, and when I went to get it out to message someone, it wouldn't turn on. I hadn't had any problems previously in the day, or at all. I've only had the phone for a month, so the battery should be fine. Not quite sure what to do.
    08-06-2014 11:24 PM
  4. gogwenjen's Avatar
    I just took the battery out, and it turned back on. Is this normal practice? Thanks for your help!
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    08-06-2014 11:28 PM
  5. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Pulling the battery can be helpful if the phone is frozen for whatever reason. It reboots the phone and stops whatever process was causing the freeze. Keep an eye out for it happening again, and see if it seems associated with any particular app.
    08-07-2014 12:03 AM
  6. gdjenkins10's Avatar
    I had the black logon screen issue for the last month or so. I tried many key combos to wake the screen up. It appears the update Verizon pushed out about 1 week ago resolved that problem. I had the black screen issue multiple times a day before the update but not a single time since the update. I did have to pull my battery yesterday for the 1st time since putting on the wireless cover. The logon screen was visible but would not accept input. Hopefully this is not a regular occurance. Another issue since the update is Bluetooth is not working reliably. Trade offs on problems
    08-12-2014 07:59 AM

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