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    I've had my S4 since May, and I've had no problems until the last two weeks, when the sound stopped working. Pandora, Youtube, nothing was making any sound at all. I tried calling my friend, he could hear me but I heard nothing at all. So I tried clearing the cache to no effect and then I made the grave mistake of turning my phone off and back on again. When I tried to turn it back on, it showed me the Samsung logo, then stuck on the At&t screen for 5 straight minutes and delivered me to my lock screen. Now, a few things- my lock screen wallpaper was there but the actual passcode lock wasn't, it had the correct time and day, but no internet connection. It acted super buggy and slow, but when I did manage to open it, my homescreen wallpaper wasn't there (just a black background), the time and date widget was no where to be found but all my apps were in the same place. None of the games opened, but the messenger apps and phone logs did, though I couldn't send and messages or place calls. The camera was a black screen, and no photos in the gallery. While I was seeing what worked, the screen flicked to black and the Samsung logo popped up, followed by the At&t one again. This cycle of great annoyance continued for 45 minutes (the At&t screen lasted anywhere from 2 minutes to 24) before I emailed by techy friend and he suggested that I try clearing the cache (duh) and restarting it again (duh), so I tried again using the android recovery mode menu (or whatever it's called) to no effect. I should mention that before all this went down, I didn't drop the phone, it's not shattered and there's no water damage in the ports or in the back. Anyway, after more rounds of "are you sure it's wasn't on mute?(yes) remove the battery for a few minutes(sigh)" My techy friend and I came to the conclusion that I should factory reset my phone. Much to my dismay I did, and finally I was able to get back to where my phone functioned like before, but I lost all my photos and conversations and settings (back your shmur up folks). There was still no sound, and when I turn it off it gets stuck on the screens so I just haven't been turning it off and have been charging it a lot. However it died last night and since has not gotten out of the sequence of annoying screens.
    The only thing that I downloaded before the sound stopped was audible.
    Is there anything that I can do besides factory reset my phone again to get it to work normally?
    Any help is much appreciated.
    08-07-2014 03:31 AM
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    Welcome to Android Central! It sounds like there might be an imminent hardware failure, perhaps of the motherboard. If that's the case, there's probably not much you can do, unless the phone is still under warranty. The only thing I would try at this point is to remove any SD card if present, since a corrupt card can sometimes cause problems. Good luck!
    08-07-2014 03:54 AM

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