1. AC Question's Avatar
    i put my galaxy s5 into sbf and wiped the entire phone, i'm pretty sure it got rid of the root on my phone, but does this wipe all traces of my phone ever being rooted? will my service provider know that i rooted my phone ?
    08-07-2014 07:36 PM
  2. bigmatt503's Avatar
    Go to the playstore and download "phone info samsung" and then scroll down and Knox needs to read 0x0 mine still reads 0x0 and I'm rooted and using exposed framework..

    Sent from my rooted Verizon galaxy s5
    08-07-2014 09:12 PM
  3. UJ95x's Avatar
    What do you mean by SBF?

    Most root methods trip the Knox counter, and there isn't a way to reset it as far as I know. But if it was tripped, no, a factory reset would not reset it.

    You can check by booting into download mode. It'll show the info.

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SOKP 4.4.2
    08-07-2014 11:51 PM

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