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    Hi Experts!

    AT&T proivded me with an UNLOCK code for my Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Since then, I have switched my carrier to T-Mobile. T-Mobile told me it will take a full 24hrs for the phone number to be transported and have full access of my phone. However, it's been over 24hrs and my phone keep freezing/shutdown, can't access internet based apps, text, or open my gallery. I called T-mobile and they did all they could to trouble shoot however, they explained this wasn't a "service" issue this is an issue with my "phone" !!!! How is that when I didn't have these problems until I switched over carriers? Any suggesstions before I master restart? ANY help will be greatley appreciated!!

    BTW: I can accept incoming and outgoing calls. So far, T-Mobile has done a "wipe partition" and that didn't work.

    THNKS in advance everyone!
    08-08-2014 11:38 AM

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