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    Somehow I must have accidentally uninstalled the Kies app on my Samsung Note 3 phone (Verizon). I don't recall doing so,but it is no longer there and I cannot get the phone to sync with my computer.

    I have tried and tried to find a Kies (3.0v preferred, but any may work) app for download, but I cannot find one. All I can find is the Kies download for the actual PC. I did that, but without Kies on my actual phone, it's useless!

    Anyone know where I could find & install a Kies app on my actual phone? Hoping I don' t have to do a factory reset to get it back!

    Thanks SO much!
    08-08-2014 06:33 PM
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    Hello. I have never used or downloaded the app. I just connect with the usb cable when I get to my pc.
    However you may need to do it remotely if that's how it works.
    I think sadly it has been ended, well Kies air at least. If you cannot find the app in Applications Manager - All, it is not in Samsung Apps, now called Galaxy Apps, or Play Store.

    I am sure you can get recommendations for pc remote apps software. I think Side Sync is one, but I haven't tried it.
    See here :

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    08-08-2014 07:15 PM

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