1. AWSHEN's Avatar
    I got my SGS5 on Monday and I'm pretty.. scared about water. What if mine has a manufacturing mistake and doesn't resist to water?
    And by the way, someone told me that if my phone wasn't IP67, it would be much better, like my CPU of 2.5 GHz would be around 3 GHz if my phone wasn't IP67. Is that true?
    And about that tempered glass. If I use one on my phone, would I be able to use a screen protector? Or that is already a screen protector? Because I'm from Romania and those terms are some that we don't have a translation for and I don't really know.

    Sorry for asking all of those things here and not making a thread for every one of them but..
    Again, sorry for any mispelling and mistakes.
    08-09-2014 04:44 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to the Forums! Your English is excellent.
    Samsung call the phone water-resistant although tests show it to be waterproof.
    There are different types of screen protector, some of plastic, some of tempered glass.
    I am sure you would enjoy the Samsung Galaxy S5 forums, whose members would be far, far more knowledgeable than I am. ☺

    Bine ați venit pe Forum! Engleza ta este excelent. Samsung apela aparatul lor rezistentă la apă, deși testele se arată a fi impermeabil. Există diferite tipuri de ecran protector, atât de plastic și sticlă călită. Sunt sigur că v-ar bucura forumul Samsung Galaxy S5, ai cărei membri sunt mult mai informați decât mine!

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    08-09-2014 05:20 PM
  3. AWSHEN's Avatar
    I got it, and the translation wasn't needed, but thanks anyway!
    But I still don't know: am I able to use both tempered glass and a screen protector for my phone, at the same time?
    And that thing, with the IP67 rating. If this rating wasn't here, the phone would be better? For example, the CPU: will the 2.5 GHz CPU be around 3 GHz?
    08-10-2014 04:11 PM
  4. belodion's Avatar
    I'm sorry about the translation, I just enjoyed doing it via Google Translate!

    If you use a tempered glass screen protector AND a plastic one, I think you would lose touch sensitivity.

    The IP67 rating refers to the waterproofing/water-resistance so I don't see how it could be relevant to the processor speed.

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    08-10-2014 04:48 PM
  5. AWSHEN's Avatar
    I'm thinking of tempered glass + Alien Surface screen protector, so my phone is protected 100%. If this is possible, you know.
    08-11-2014 09:29 AM

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