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    I place my Nexus 7 on the ASUS dock and the status immediately change to 'Charging' but it will continue to discharge at the normal rate. If I remove it from the dock (while 'not' charging) the status will stay as 'charging'. I have to turn it off and on to reset that
    I actually have to turn off the tablet to get it to charge in the dock.
    08-09-2014 04:53 PM
  2. srkmagnus's Avatar
    They could be an app or service interfering with it charging without a reboot. Have you reset the device to see if it clears the problem?

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    08-09-2014 05:25 PM
  3. Adriaan VanderWalt's Avatar
    The charging problem seems deeper. I reboot (shut down, wait 30 sec, start) and then place it on the docking station. It recognizes the docking station immediately but do not charge even when indicating it is charging. I found out that if I then remove it from the docking station, the tablet still thinks(?) it's docked, I have to reboot to get the 'charging' status to change. I even connected it to the normal charging cable but it did not actually charge until I rebooted.

    Update, My tablet is regressing. Now it will not charge even on cable unless it is turned off first. It will charge once it has rebooted but without any charging indication.
    08-23-2014 09:24 PM

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