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    I think I have the AT&T Next versus two year contract differences down, but I am not getting straight answers from the AT&T rep on my questions (surprised?). I am hoping for clarification and what not:

    For the sake of this discussion I am talking about getting the LG G3 (though I am not sure yet to be honest).

    Traditional two year contract:
    Pay $200 up front
    Pay $40 Activation fee
    Pay $40 monthly for data plan (I am on the low data plan, I do not use too much data).
    Overall this ends up being $240 up front (plus taxes), then $960 total over the course of two years for the data plan. So basically a total of $1200 of the phone/data and I do get to keep this phone after the two years.

    NEXT 12:
    Pay taxes up front
    Pay $29/month for the phone
    Pay $25/month for data
    After 12 months I trade in for a new phone: At this point I would have paid $648 for the phone/data, but do not get to keep it (but do get a new phone)
    OR I can pay for 20 months to keep the phone: Paying a total of $1080 for the phone/data (but I do get to keep the phone and will no longer be on contract)

    NEXT 18:
    Pay taxes up front
    Pay $24.17/month for the phone
    Pay $25/month for data
    After 18 months I can trade in for a new phone: At this point I would have paid $885.06, but dont keep the phone (can trade for new phone)
    OR I can pay for 24 months to keep the phone, bringing my total to $1180.08 for the phone/data (keep the phone, no contract, with options for new phones at that time)

    Am I getting this down correctly?

    Am I wrong in saying the NEXT 12 plan is the better deal here? If I want the phone and dont care about "wasting" my investment of $680 I can get a new phone in 12 months. But if I like the phone and want to eventually keep it, after 20 months its paid off and I am no longer under contract, correct?

    AM I wrong in thinking that the traditional plan is the worse plan no matter how I look at it? Assuming I keep either the NEXT12 or 18 plans for 24 months, I would be paying $1180 overall, whilst paying $1200 for the traditional plan. That is 20 more overall (not much considering 2 years), BUT no option to get a newer phone before that...

    My other question is that assuming I pay NEXT 12 for 20 months, and keep the phone and stick with my services with AT&T will my data plan go back up to 40/month or will it stay at 25/month? ***For the record I assumed this is true, the data stays at 25/month when I made all of my above calculations...

    These numbers are spinning my brain around too much. As I said before I think I have it down, but I have spun around too much and am worried I am overlooking something.
    08-10-2014 01:29 PM
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    any thoughts on this all?
    08-10-2014 06:03 PM
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    I'm sorry you haven't received an answer after five hours. I'm in the UK so probably can't help much but when I was thinking of getting my first smartphone I was confronted by the same hopelessly complicated and incomprehensible plans as you. In the end I bought an unlocked phone and chose a pay-as-you-go tariff and in retrospect I made the right choice. Would it not be easier for you to do that? I know there are disadvantages but the freedom and simplicity and flexibility make it worth it for me.
    I own a G3. Some US users in the LG G3 forums seem to have signal problems but this may be network rather than device. Check out the forum. Wonderful phone!

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-10-2014 06:42 PM

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