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    Hi there

    I took my locked to T Mobile S3 I9305 LTE to a local shop to have it unlocked. No problem they said, it'll be 45 mins. That was yesterday - I have ben back to the shop four times since then, after being asked each visit for more time. Today I lost the plot and have taken the phone home as they obviously couldn't do it. It is now unusable, showing a small screen at the top of the home screen with various things that I don't understand in it i.e. PDA, Phone, CSC - the list goes on. I tried a factory reset and it set the phone into a language I don't know instead of English (I've rectified that, but it's odd as previous resets on other phones have always gone back into English). I have no idea what they have done to it, and any suggestions as to what I can do now would be very much appreciated please.

    I've heard about rooting but I have no idea what this is, maybe they've been trying that? I can't connect it to Kies as it keeps saying an unauthorised device is trying to access the phone and it's blocking it.

    Please help!
    08-10-2014 04:22 PM

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