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    Well I'm first gonna say that : i appooagise for my writing & hopefully you can read all of it & start understand even though I tend to rant a lil I could really use sum assistance!!
    I got the galaxy S3 It was unlocked n pretty sure refurbished & then I rooted it....
    & I'm prepaid so switching with the unlocked device shouldn't of been this difficult but I was at first with speakout (711) & set the apn setting in my S3,then my Data worked just no sms ....so I figured when my plan expired I would switch to telus & maybe get better signal / service But I've now come to realize that thinking was incorrect ...after signing up for telus everything went bad I barely could hold a signal or even make calls it just wouldn't pick up signal eve though it says telus
    But it's had problems with wifi/signal since day one so I did a little research (2/3 days reading )
    but obviously not long/ well enough & in the midst of being half asleep I hit factory reset.. This is where it gets interested cause. Immediately after that my phone only went to either just the samsung logo , battery page or recovery etc
    So then I did a lil research & found sum guidance I downloaded Oden,drivers etc
    And after following instructions and running oden my phone hasn't tuned on maybe a lil flash but that's it ...
    Is this fixable ?? ...can someone please help me ... I was thinking of changing Roms but always a lil scared tp even try and attempt but I did like the looks of :Cm11, PAC , Vyper
    I need some guidance...proper guidance , I ain'ta smart cookie but I catch on fast ) I'm just a silly stoner lol
    08-11-2014 11:15 AM

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