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    I have a Droid Bionic and replaced the digitizer due to a cracked screen. When putting in the new one, I kinked one of the ribbon cables. Everything worked except a few letters on the keyboard (e, d, and c). So, i bought another digitizer and installed it. Everything was fine except the screen would black out on calls even after I would hold the phone away from face ( i was unable to hang up, access the dialpad, etc.)
    I opened the Droid Bionic back up today to try and fix the Proximity sensor issue, when I accidentally pulled one of the cable ribbons off the digitizer screen. The cable ribbon is in perfect condition, it is no longer attached to the screen. It appears the ribbon was attached with some type of adhesive, but it is not sticky enough to reattach.
    Is it possible to reattach the cable ribbon? If so, what do i need to use to reattach it AND what do I need to watch for when i do reattach if (placement of ribbon, etc)?

    appreciate any help you can offer
    08-11-2014 04:33 PM
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    Before we go any further do you mean that the cable ribbon has been torn away at the end, where it makes electrical contact, or along the insulated part where it's perhaps just stuck down to keep it out of the way? If the former, roughly how many connections are there in the end, that presumably you'd have to realign precisely and make the electrical connection again...with solder? Or have I misunderstood?

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    08-11-2014 05:31 PM
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    It has been torn away from the digitizer screen (at the top) where it makes electrical connect. If it is soldered then those are the smallest connections (microscopic) i have ever seen.
    Including pic for reference
    Cable ribbon pulled off of digitizer screen on Droid Bionic.  is it possible to reconnect?-img_20140812_102105_107.jpg
    08-12-2014 09:34 AM
  4. Chiplg's Avatar
    It's hosed.

    If you could fix it, it would require a hot air approach vs. a soldering iron. You would need a hot air soldering blower with a fine nozzle. You would need to heat it up and press it into place. This is assuming it was soldered originally and not connected by another process. You might also want to hit the connectors with the tiniest bit of solder to give them something more to work with. This is precise work as it is easy to short the pads together.

    I am also assuming that what I see on the screen side is the pads sticking up, and not pins from the ribbon cable. If they are pins from the cable, you're done.

    You have to be careful with the application of heat as well. There is a lot in the area that does not want to get hot.

    Again, this is precise work that needs a steady hand, and possibly a magnifier depending on your vision.
    08-12-2014 10:42 PM

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