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    My wife recently upgraded from a galaxy 3 to a 5. My 7 year old daughter asked to keep the 3 so she can listen to her music and play games stored on the phone. Well the outer screen cracked, and being a smart ***, I bought a new screen. Watching videos on the internet, I successfully replaced the outer screen. I did not cut any wires, but the screen appears silver, does not appear to work, where as all the lights, vibrations etc are working. Did I crack the lcd?
    Thanks if you can help....Steve
    08-12-2014 03:10 PM
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    Does the touch sensitivity work? Does the silver appearance occur when the screen would be off or when it's on?

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    08-12-2014 04:45 PM
  3. Squidseal's Avatar
    Sorry for the delay.... Silver screen is continuous, both off and on. I do not hear the login music as the phone account is no longer active. Service was transferred to the S5. I would think I should hear the start-up jingle, but after a few minutes, nothing. I replace the charged battery, (has no problem charging, as I tested it in another friends S3), then power up and phone vibrates, the blue light (top left) lights for 3 seconds, then goes off. Then the lower 2 white lights light-up for 3 seconds, then blue light on, and nothing further. When off, my friends S3 screen appears black, and my daughters is silverish and gold ??? Could a crack have caused a vaccuum loss or something. does not appear to be any visual cracks on surface of screen, as viewed with a magnifying glass. Maybe cracked on back, not visual.
    Not even sure I would be able to transfer phone memory to another device...
    Thanks ... Steve
    08-18-2014 08:52 AM

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