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    I've posted before, asking if anyone had issues with their Samsung Galaxy S3 "talking" to the Motorola SBG6580. I haven't really gotten a resolution to my issue, but something happened tonight that I don't recall happening before. It used to be that when I would receive an MMS text message and would open it (either a picture text or a group text), we would immediately lose all internet connectivity in the house. Not just the WiFi, but the hard-wired pc as well.

    Tonight, I opened the Gallery on my phone and as soon as I touched a picture to view it - poof - no more internet. I had to reboot the modem/router in order to get the WiFi AND hard-wired internet back. This doesn't happen to me at work, where I can surf on the company WiFi freely, as well as view pictures, send and receive MMS texts, etc.

    AT&T finally gave up and just offered me a credit for my troubles. Samsung customer support said they'd never heard of this happening before. Our local cable company has been to our house 4-5 times now and we've replaced the modem/router 3 times and run new cables.

    This issue has been going on since last December, and it happens with our nieces Samsung Galaxy S3, as well as our friends Samsung Note 2.

    Please help!!!

    08-12-2014 08:48 PM

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