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    Hi, I have a Galaxy S3 (GT-I9305) with Android 4.3 installed (from Virgin Australia). I have been playing music on it with mostly WinAmp, and recently PowerAmp.

    About 6-8 weeks ago music (via WinAmp) stopped after exactly (not approx.) 30 minutes of playing. It then required a stop/start of the app to get it to play again. So, I tried PowerAmp, same issue, and exists with either player for both connected headphones or a bluetooth headset.

    I've check every setting, thinking that previous issues with a 30 minute screen timeout might be the problem, but nothing seems to be related.

    a) Has anyone experienced this too?
    b) Has anyone got any thoughts/advice?

    Cheers, Rob.
    08-14-2014 12:38 AM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    That's a strange issue.

    Try booting into recovery mode and wiping the cache partition. Hold volume up + home + power for a few seconds until you get to the recovery screen. Then use the volume button to navigate the screen and use the power button to select the options.

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.4
    08-14-2014 12:41 AM

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