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    Hello All,

    I recently upgraded to the LG G3 (Verizon). I would like to use WiFi whenever possible to perform the tasks that require an internet connection. My router is a Belkin N600 DB. I'm able, with little difficulty, to have all of the wireless capable devices at my home including an additional cellphone (Samsung S4) connect to this router and be given internet access. However, I am unable to connect to the internet using my LG G3 and WiFi. I can confirm that the LG G3 connects to the router and is given an IP address. However, the phone will provide the following message "Internet Unavailable" once it is connected to the router. I can log into the Router's administration page and note that the LG is in fact connected as a DHCP client. However, will using WiFi on the LG G3, I am unable to access the internet.

    I'm hoping that there exists among the readership, someone who also uses the N600 DB to successfully provide internet to their connected LG G3. If there is such a person, please do share the secret!

    Note: I have not tried connected to WiFi via another router (or other WiFi hardware). I plan on testing that scenario later today (perhaps on a Starbucks "run").
    08-15-2014 10:55 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Have you read B.Diddy's wifi guide, which may offer some clues to your particular problem?


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    08-15-2014 02:56 PM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    That link does not work...I seem to have lost the ability to post them. Anyway it's one of the Ambassador Guides.

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    08-15-2014 03:14 PM
  4. birules's Avatar
    It's not your router. This is happening to many LG G3 owners including myself. Wi-Fi issues galore. Here are a couple things you can try: Do a soft restart (take battery out), go to Settings/App Manager and delete the cache from all apps that use wifi. Uninstall all buggy/shady apps you've installed.
    Bottom line: It's Android. Cell carriers tweak the heck out of it and release it without proper testing. And then there's the crappy apps we install from the Play Store and other sites.
    08-26-2014 08:40 PM
  5. knoble3123's Avatar
    I feel your pain! Cannot connect to my comcast POP3 account when WiFi is turned on, but can connect fine on mobile data. So I am switching between data and WiFi and am likely going to go over my data limit and Verizon will gain from that. I hope it get resolved soon!
    05-02-2015 03:34 PM
  6. Edwin Nieves2's Avatar
    Try download DNSet from the Play Store, on the app check auto star. this works for me on my verizon LG G3. hope work for you.
    05-26-2015 08:13 AM
  7. knoble3123's Avatar
    Here is the solution. I have an LG G3, Verizon, and solved my internet/email issues on my Droid after the Lollipop update by taking a suggestion from another forum. It worked like a charm and now I don't have to toggle back and forth between wifi and mobile data. Go to the Playstore and download the app DNSet. Apparently it has to do with Comcast gateways that use IPV6 and Lollipop does not like it. Google knows this and is working on the issue, but for now it connects and brings in my email perfectly. Hope it works for others with the same issue!
    05-28-2015 11:26 PM

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