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    I was a happy owner for the Galaxy S3 for more than a year until it simply stopped working. I sent it back to Samsung on the 5th of July (the box provided by them, recorded delivery) as the product is still under warranty. I waited 5 working days as recommended to receive the information about the fault etc and...nothing! After that time I called the helpline twice and was told that they received the phone but don't have any further information about it. I called again a few more times to get an update and I was told to contact Repair Centre directly. I spent hours (literally) waiting on hold and didn't manage to speak to anybody. I called again (my sixth call I suppose) on the 28th of July. A lovely lady told me that there was a problem with the USB port and this part is not under warranty! (it's not the whole product that is covered????!) I asked for photos and detailed description and estimated price of the repair and I was supposed to receive it within five working days (from the very beginning I informed the customer service that the only way to contact me is email or postal address as I don't have an alternative phone). On the 12th of August I still didn't get any updates. I managed to contact Helpline again and was told that they will contact me within "three working days". Yesterday - still no info. I went to London Samsung store today (to find out that it's not really Samsung store,,,) and nobody was able to give any advice. I called Helpline again and was told that there is no information about the product in the system......The phone is in the repair centre and I'm supposed to call on Tuesday again to find out about the progress.
    I'm feeling helpless. Nobody is able to tell me where my phone is. I still have to pay the monthly bills to Three and pay back the phone I don't have. I won't even mention the effect on my work, wasted time and stress.
    I've never ever dealt with issue like that one. I though that Samsung is a reliable company that respect its clients - seems it doesn't. The most annoying thing is that I know I won't win with the corporation and my calls will be transferred from one place to another and I will be told to wait next 3-5 working days for the information...
    08-16-2014 02:34 PM
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    I don't think I have ever experienced anything quite as bad as that but I could certainly tell you a few stories about my own frustrations when trying to deal with this or that organisation or body or retailer....though nothing relating to phones. Probably many, if not most, people could. The incompetence, inefficiency, dereliction of duty and responsibility, and failure to understand what you are talking about, are sometimes almost beyond belief and can cause a great deal of stress and anger, and also wasted time and money.

    I hope that in your own case all turns out relatively....I think relatively is as much as you can expect....well in the end.

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    08-16-2014 05:32 PM

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