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    i have to restore photos (as soon as possible!!!!!
    ) from my huawei ascend p6 and i looked into the web. The phone should have mass storage mode but i only see MTP, PTP and Hisuite...why? i have to enable something? there is a way to add that kind of connection or another way to get my photos? Thanks
    08-17-2014 02:49 AM
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    So you want to transfer photos via usb to a computer?
    You see an MTP or PTP option?
    I am not familiar with HiSuite but I assume it's Huawei pc software or drivers so you can transfer when the phone's device storage is recognised.
    PTP (photo transfer protocol) or HiSuite should work, but if you are having difficulties :

    No lock should be on the phone -

    When you first plug in to a pc usb port you should notice a usb connection notification and whether it's connected as a media device (MTP). You should be able to switch mode by either pulling down the shade where there will be 2 check options (Samsung) - or the option will be in Storage (Sony and Motorola).
    If you see HiSuite on the phone but don't have it on your pc and your device drivers are not recognised, you should be able to first download the pc software from the Huawei Mobile site, and is probably in your instructions / information page.

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    08-17-2014 05:37 AM

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