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    My phone has been working fine al along until this morning when I woke up.
    I got a text message and i decided to open it, but the messenger app could not open. So i decided to restart my phone but i accidently tapped on "airplane mode". So hold my power button to turn to turn it off. While it airplane mode was turning off, it said "preparing sim card" and i immediately restarted my phone. After that happened the phone restarted and was stuck on the HTC logo screen. I then went into bootloader and it says ***tampered*** and ***locked***. I tried to factory reset/recovery but nothing happens only ***security warning*** shows up.

    As of now, im so confused because i have done nothing to my phone since i bought it. I also bought it new. I tried to contact HTC support and they told me it could be a thrid party app or a virus so i have to send it in for repair. If i send it in for repair i wont get it free because of the ***tampered***. but i absoloutely did NOTHING. I dont know why its like this. Can anyone help me please? Im desperate because right now i do not have the time and money to get a replacement phone because i am very bus. Thank you

    Sorry for my bad english >_> its not my first language, thanks!
    08-17-2014 01:27 PM
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    You're not alone. You may care to join as a member so that you can post in the HTC One forums where you'll probably get device-specific help. Meantime, look at these:



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    08-17-2014 02:22 PM
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    By the way, your English is good!

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    08-17-2014 02:23 PM

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