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    Today the phone was working fine but when I went to use it an hour or so later it was off and refused to start up. I have tried a new fully charged battery, as it is refusing to charge by usb from plug or computer, which has made no difference. I have tried holding the power and volume up/ down with no success. I have tried taking the sd card out and it still makes no difference. The computer does not recognise it so I can't reformat it that way. Occasionally it will show the battery with busy symbol but only for a second or so. Considering I have put a fully charged battery in there I'm not sure that this is the problem.I haven't downloaded any new apps in the past two weeks or noticed any difference in my phone performance.

    My phone is nearly two years old and has recently been a bit temperamental with the internet connection but no other major concerns. It was recently saying that the phone memory was nearly full despite only having a few apps installed and a lot of spare usb and micro sd storage space. I had reformatted it before and it fixed the problem but have been meaning to do it again and haven't had a chance.

    I have no idea what to do can someone help me please?!
    08-18-2014 01:12 PM
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    Welcome to Android Central! You've already tried the things I would've suggested. It may have been some kind of catastrophic failure, possibly the motherboard.
    08-18-2014 01:23 PM
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    1) After 2 years, unless you've been treating the battery properly (conditioning it before first use, charging at the 40%-60% discharge level most of the time, etc.), the battery has probably reached the end of its life. (250-500 charge cycles is about normal, and if you only got 250 cycles you can't complain.)

    2) Charging by USB is a slow charge, about 100mA at best, so it would take about 36 hours to fully charge a fully discharged battery. (Charging runs about 60% efficiency.) Fully charging a battery that's almost shot? Maybe a week to get at least enough charge to turn the phone on.

    Put the supposedly new fully charged battery into the phone and charge it for 24 hours, using a known good stock Note (or newer Samsung) charger and cable. Then if it still doesn't turn on, you've eliminated the battery as a cause.

    The charging circuit in the phone could be bad, the motherboard could be bad, the charger or cable you're using could have gone bad. But 2 years out, with the battery probably treated the way I've seen most batteries treated (used down to 10% charge or less before charging), I'd suspect that the original battery is little more than toxic waste at this point. (Lithium is toxic - don't throw it out in the trash.) And the "new fully charged battery" may be "new, fully charged, sitting on the shelf for 2 years" - which means it needs to be conditioned (fully charged until the phone tells you to disconnect the charger, used until the phone tells you to charge it - 3 full cycles), then used properly. (Assuming it's not a cheap useless battery. Some vendors sell Note batteries for about $5. Burning the $5 bill in the winter is a better idea - at least you'd have warm hands for a few seconds.
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    08-18-2014 02:42 PM

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