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    Please help my phone did it's own factory reset but now it says my memory is full but I have nothing all my pictures my apps everything is gone...Please help.
    08-18-2014 04:47 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Uh-oh, that doesn't sound too good. What were you doing at the time of the unexpected reset? Did you have to go through the entire setup wizard again, as if it were a brand new phone?

    Try removing the SD card and rebooting, in case the card is corrupt. But if the phone truly did a factory reset on its own, any data that was stored on the phone is gone. Hopefully, you had your contacts synced with your Google account, and were also backing up your photos to Google+ or some other cloud service.

    Although it's pretty rare, I have seen mentions here of phones suddenly factory resetting by themselves, probably due to some massive system glitch.
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    08-18-2014 06:12 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    If the phone did a factory reset you'd have as much free storage as you had when you got the phone. What's more likely is that your storage got corrupt, and that could be due to a number of things, most of which are hardware problems. As B. Diddy said, removing the SD card might help, if the card is corrupt, but it's more than likely that the repair bill for the phone (since it's more likely to be an internal problem) would be more than that class of phone sells for these days.
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    08-18-2014 06:44 PM

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