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    I apologize in advance if this is a repeat post, but I have had no luck finding a post where someone had a similar issue, much less a solution.

    For the past couple weeks, I have been having an issue with the messenger app when texting one person in particular. It is actually my girlfriend's text thread. When I open it, it takes 15-20 seconds to populate the text history. Then when I try to type a message, it lags terribly. Then sending takes a while. I have had no issues with any other contacts. They all operate normally. I am stumped. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    08-19-2014 12:22 AM
  2. UJ95x's Avatar
    Is your text thread with her a lot larger (as in more texts) than with other contacts? I'd imagine it is, and loading that many messages is what's causing the issue. Is deleting some of those texts (even if you had to back them up somewhere) a viable option for you?
    08-19-2014 12:25 AM
  3. Mffl84's Avatar
    I'm beginning to think that may be the issue. What is the best way to back up text messages?
    08-19-2014 12:52 AM
  4. Mffl84's Avatar
    The only reason I dismissed that theory was because we have only been dating 4 months, and I have friends i have been texting for over a year, so i figured they would have a larger history, but maybe not. Maybe we just message each other that much, haha!
    08-19-2014 12:57 AM
  5. UJ95x's Avatar
    I'm beginning to think that may be the issue. What is the best way to back up text messages?
    An app like SMS Backup & Restore
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    08-19-2014 12:57 AM

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