1. Edrei Jimenez's Avatar
    So this has been been bothering me all night
    Anyways my WiFi and data connection have been working all day the icons on the status bar have been blue to show that they were working but as of 2 hours ago they both stopped working...at the same time
    The WiFi is connected and will let me get on the internet and such but I can't get on the Google play store and because of that can't play my online app. So I turned WiFi off reset the box unplugged it waited a while and replugged it and nothing worked so I tried using my data connection but that didn't work either I turned my phone off restarted it and even master reset it but nothing seems to be working any help?
    08-19-2014 02:26 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! How long has it been like this? There can be occasional server hiccups, so I would wait a few hours and try again.
    08-19-2014 11:18 AM

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