1. AdamLu's Avatar
    I have an unlocked HTC one m8 and I'm using H2O Wireless service with a SIM card. Their customer support is basically useless and I've tried tons of different APN settings but I cannot send/receive picture messages or group messages. All the other features working (texting, calling, 4G data). Can anybody help?

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    08-19-2014 03:50 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Basic question--4G is on when you're trying to send or receive MMS, right?
    08-19-2014 11:07 AM
  3. AdamLu's Avatar
    Thanks for the response! Yes 4G is on when I try to download the messages.

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    08-20-2014 12:31 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Is wi-fi on as well? It shouldn't happen, but sometimes if both wi-fi and mobile data are on, the wi-fi trumps the mobile data and prevents MMS from being sent or received.
    08-20-2014 12:36 PM
  5. mrsmumbles's Avatar
    Additionally, have you checked your APN settings against the ones they list on their website? https://www.h2owirelessnow.com/mainC...taManualConfig Go into Settings,More,Mobile Networks,Access Point Names and see if what's there for h2o matches what you see with that link. Let us know how it goes.
    08-20-2014 01:00 PM
  6. Vechat Nhep's Avatar
    I had the exact same issue with my HTC One, which started out of the blue. The only caveat is that I have the first generation and NOT the M8, but this may still help you. Go to Settings>Power and Locate "Fast boot" option and uncheck that box. Completely shutdown the phone, and then power it back on.

    Hope this helps.
    10-31-2014 08:15 AM

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