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    Hey guys and gals,

    Hopefully you can help me out. Yesterday I was at a restaurant when I dropped my S3 from my sleeve pocket into the toilet bowl. I fished it back out quickly, removed the sim card, battery and also my external battery pack. I wiped the exterior of it and went back out to my seat. My friend perhaps being silly or just being ignorant tried to turn it on, producing sizzling noises. The screen also flashed dimly. I've went home, take phone apart and have thoroughly soaked it with a piece of cloth. Pls, I really need this phone working as I've saved all my vacation photos on it.

    08-19-2014 03:37 PM
  2. xeene's Avatar
    Sizzling noise = short circuits. Either claim insurance or purchase new phone. You can try keeping it in the rice for about a week and then connect to pc and hope you can recover your data but chances are it's fried.
    08-19-2014 03:58 PM
  3. Rukbat's Avatar
    1) Those sizzling noises were probably the death knell of the phone. Please dispose of it properly, since some of the internal components are hazardous waste.

    2) Read Wet Phone You can try to repair the phone but, even if your friend hadn't turned it on, it would probably be too late by now. Fixing a wet phone has to be done in seconds. In a few minutes it's probably too late. After a day, I don't hold out much hope for one that wasn't turned on.
    08-19-2014 03:59 PM

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