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    Hey, I just got the ZTE Grand X 5 inch from Cricket (I know it's a low level phone but I just use it for basic online and phone functions) and I'm charging it for the first time and noticing it is taking a really long time to charge. I previously had the ZTE Source from Cricket, which is basically the same phone just 4.5 inches instead of the 5 inches this phone has. Its been charging for 2 and a half hours at this point and I've only used it for about 30 minutes of that time and it is at 48% at this point. I even tried using my old Source's charger (which appears to be exactly the same) and it didn't improve the charge time. I even plugged the source in alongside the Grand to see the difference and while the Source has charged 15%, the Grand has went up 4%. The Grand X is even supposed to have the Quick Charge 1.0 and charge 40% faster while the Source didn't have that.

    So my question is, does a phone generally take longer to charge the first time you charge it? I've never noticed that before but I suppose it's possible. Does this seem like a defective battery/phone and should I return it? Thanks in advance.
    08-19-2014 08:24 PM
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    Well when I got my phone new and I charged it for the first time, it took forever. Then when I charged again it took a lot less. My phone today is fine. Thats just me though.

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    08-19-2014 08:29 PM
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    It shouldn't be taking any longer during the first charge. You can try leaving it over night and see if it improves over the next few days, but if you just got it I'd recommend sending it back.

    Sent from my Galaxy S4 running SlimKat 4.4.4
    08-19-2014 11:49 PM

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