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    Hello. My DROID RAZR M has acted dead for about a week. No matter what I do, it will not turn on. When I plug in the charger, the green LED indicator lite turns on. I leave it to charge for an hour. I attempt to turn it on, and nothing. I've tried to hard reset it, and still nothing. Please help me. I need to find a way to fix it.
    08-19-2014 08:49 PM
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    If it's charging but just not turning on, it's likely a hardware issue. You'll have to send it to be repaired or get a new phone

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    08-19-2014 11:48 PM
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    How many hours in a row have you left it on charger? If the battery had drained almost to zero, you might have to charge it for 12, maybe even 24 hours without any interruption.

    Also try booting into Recovery Mode as described here: https://motorola-global-portal.custh...p/30,6720,8577

    If it still isn't working, then I agree, it's likely dead. Asking a repair shop to fix it will probably be more expensive than buying a new phone.

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    08-20-2014 01:27 AM

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