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    So initially my phone jack had to be replaced because i couldn't hear the sound clear in my headphone it kept making noises. Than ask them to replace the sim and sd card tray which was broken with one that i brought online. After taking apart phone doing what i asked the phone would randomly shut down or stay on the Samsung galaxy logo. They than blamed the sim/sd tray saying it was faulty(the one i brought online.) they And also wiped the data telling they need to rebot it. They than said buy one of ours sd/sim tray which i did, the same problem kept switching off. I left my phone with them and am worried they charged be £50 (£20 for jack replacement £10 to put my sim tray i brought online and £20 for their sim tray). When they tookapart my phone i think they damaged it causing to switch off plus the sim tray wasn't fixed probably kept saying no sim sd so they didnt even fix probably. I have to see them tomorrow any advise or anyone know what the problem is?
    08-20-2014 02:54 PM
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    Welcome to the forums.
    Do they state that their work is guaranteed? Because if the phone is not working, they have clearly failed to repair it properly.

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    08-20-2014 03:22 PM
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    Hi belodion
    Not sure if they state their work is guaranteed, they just look pissed that am bothering them, they keep trying to get me out by saying look it works than later it fails. i think i will tell them to leave the sim/sd that i brought online since their one didn't work. I might go there tomorrow and they will try and get more money out of me. My phone worked fine just the jack and the sim/sd tray was broken and i feel they did something to it. Could them taking apart carelessly cause my phone to keep switching off.
    08-20-2014 05:50 PM
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    If the phone keeps saying no SIM card I guess that means a fault with the card or the tray. I imagine they could have done damage but I'm not technically qualified to judge that. If the phone randomly switches off, couldn't this be because of another fault, such as battery...if the battery was good before, are you sure that's still your battery in there? Then again it might be a problem with the power button, to which Sammies are prone I believe, and, if it was all right before, damage could I suppose have been done to that by incompetent repairers.
    Whatever the fault I should think it's unlikely to be a system fault because the hard reset they gave it will probably have taken care if that, so it's almost certainly got to be a hardware fault. Try to use the phone extensively in the shop to see if the trouble occurs and they can hardly ignore it then. Take a friend...preferably a large, mean-looking one...which may make them decide to be a little more respectful of you, if they haven't been previously.
    I wish you every success. Another member may post with more knowledge than I have.
    Let us know how you get on.

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    08-20-2014 06:23 PM
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    Thanks for your reply
    The battery works fine they did swap the battery but had they same problem. There was no problem with power button before maybe they damaged it not sure going go tomorrow hopefully they'l have fixed it.

    update- fixed my phone the sim/sd tray and jack works but would never go back to that repair shop ever!!!
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    08-20-2014 06:51 PM

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