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    I'm reading a lot of comments about how terrible Windows Phone is. I come away with the perception that it's as bad as certain major diseases by the way people talk about it. Obviously, it's not preferred by those accustomed to Android or IOS, but is it really, honestly and legitimately, that terrible?

    I think when cooler heads prevail, the obvious answer is of course no, it's not terrible. It's different. But maybe that's what is considered terrible.

    A lot of judgement comes down to function and familiarity. How can I do "x" and can I even do "x" at all. The latest versions of Windows Phone seem to make things much better.

    Considering the market is saturated with Android and IOS devices, it's easy to assume most people have seen, touched and used an Android or IOS device at some point. The niche user base (only about 50+ Million) Windows Phones just aren't out there as much. (At least in North America). Who's actually given Windows Phone a shot in the same way you gave Android a shot when you first tried it?

    Is Android perfect? Can't be, but it's generally considered the most feature complete of all the platforms. But exactly how bad is Windows Phone? The question is not asking you to admit you like it, but maybe on a realistic evaluation, it's not as bad as it's being talked about.
    08-20-2014 06:20 PM
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    I have no interest in what people do or do not think about this or that Operating System, except to the extent that they may be trying to assess the merits of each objectively. Often however, the comments made cannot be said to reach that level.
    I use both Android and WP devices and enjoy them all. They're different ways of doing things, is all. ☺

    Edit: Sorry OP, I sounded a bit bad-tempered there. But do the people who say that this operating system is no good compared to that operating system imagine we're going to say 'Oh yes, you're right, I must get rid of my phone, have no more to do with that OS, and come over to your way of doing things'?

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    08-20-2014 06:31 PM

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