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    Running 4.3 on 32 gb Nexus 7 (might run 4.4 if I were allowed to install it which I apparently am not) but my question concerns the song storage capacity. I use the device strictly to store music which I use in dance classes. I have about a hundred playlists. I've made 23 folders within the Music folder. I've loaded over 500 songs into them. I can only estimate the number because the Last Added Auto Playlist quit counting at 495. In fact every additional song I transfer to the Nexus causes the bottom one on the Last Added Auto Playlist to drop off. I verified that the song is still present on the device and still appears in its own proper playlist. But I'm still concerned about this. The value of the Nexus to me is the ability to punch up a song in a relatively short amount of time. If the integrity of the playlists I've created is ever lost I'm up a creek. (This happened of course when I upgraded from 4.2.something to 4.3. Kept the songs, erased the playlists, took me over a month to recreate.) Still no way to backup/restore playlists that I'm aware of. Comments?
    08-21-2014 08:54 PM

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