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    Hello. I know this might look like a rage comment, although I am having some pretty serious issues with my phone. First, my SIII was very slow from the start of the unpackaging of the phone, which never struct me as something bad. Next, the call quality is awful, and the scree resolution is a little iffy. My carrier is Verizion, which I will soon come to regret switching to. The phone itself is pretty nice, apart from the plastic backing, which is a little tacky for my taste. Now, one of my issues is, whenever I am nearing 40% is on the battery, the screen flickers, and then shuts off, which can be extremely frustrating if I am in a call. The battery life was great at the start, although now, the battery will last for about an hour. I don't really play games, and realized that I needed to disable everything in order to save my battery. Nothing helps, and the only diagnosis for the battery life I have is a 3rd party launcher I am using called Dodol launcher; I am going to uninstall this soon. The other main problem is the graphics. When I am on E-mail, or on Engadget, the phone will completely stop whatever its doing just to tell me that an app has been updated. I have disabled auto-update, and the phone itself is running 4.4. Verizion, is also a little weird. We bought the phones a year after they were announced (2013) and are now looking for an upgrade. The next time we upgrade is in 8 months, and any other plans are a little too expensive. I know it was my fault that I bought the phone, and that I should have done some more research, although I mainly posted this question to get people's opinion on what I should do. Thank you for reading,
    08-21-2014 09:23 PM
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    You might want to pay your questions in the S3 forums, you will probably get some responses from folks that had a similar expwrience.

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    08-21-2014 09:29 PM

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