1. Bret Hawker's Avatar
    I restarted my HTC and it said I have no sd card so I went into my settings and checked the sd part. It had mount so I pressed it and in my notification window it said blank sd card. I pressed it and then a prompt came up for formatting it. I clicked format and it did something and then it just did the same again.


    From your favourite Software Engineer!
    08-22-2014 02:53 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I hope you didn't have anything important on the microSD card, because it's definitely gone after a reformat. If the phone is still having trouble using the card, it may be defective or counterfeit. Did the phone come with the card, or did you buy it somewhere? If you bought it, was it from a reputable online retailer like Amazon or a physical store like Best Buy, or from a random seller on eBay? If eBay, there's a higher chance of defects or counterfeit cards. Try using another card.
    08-22-2014 04:20 PM
  3. Bret Hawker's Avatar
    I bought it from currys/pc world. I don't understand why it worked one minute then just stopped. Could the phone restarting corrupt it if it was using something on there?

    Would it help putting it in a pc and reformatting it that way?
    08-23-2014 03:45 AM

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