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    I have a Samsung S4, and I have a (semi-broken) life-proof case on it. The other night I was out with my toddler, and my phone started to die. So I put the phone under a few things in the diaper bag. At one point my toddler accidentally spilled part of a water bottle onto the diaper bag. When we got home, I had noticed that there was a very small amount of water that had gotten on the outside of the screen, but didn't think much of it and tried to charge it. It recognizes the charger, and shows the screen where the battery charger is loading, but then it turns off/goes black, instead of loading the battery charging screen. Even once the screen is black, it still vibrates when you take the charger out, so it definitely seems to be recognizing this. I left it on for a bit thinking maybe it was just the screen not loading and my phone actually would still charge, but no such luck. I turned it back on, just for a few seconds with the very last bit of the battery and that seems okay. I took it back apart and put it in rice again over night, and it is still having the issue. I tried multiple chargers. I am thinking about trying a different battery, or replacing the USB port. But, since it recognizes the charger, I'm wandering if that would actually help anything?

    Please help!!! Lots of pictures and contacts and things I kept meaning to backup and never actually got around to (like an *****)!
    08-23-2014 09:02 PM
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    Difficult to say. Any fluid that got into the device can cause havoc. I am tempted to say that the damage is most likely permanent. If you would like to try a new battery, it might be worth it as batteries are relatively inexpensive. However, I would suggest putting the cost of the battery toward repairing it. Are there any repair shops close to you?
    08-23-2014 09:26 PM

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