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    I lost my phone last week but thought my photos and videos were safe and retrievable on my Google plus account.

    I received a replacement phone, logged in to Google plus and it appears that there are about 10 days of holiday photos missing (maybe more but those are the ones I know about for sure) that were on my phone but I can't see on the back up.

    As Google plus is set up to automatically back up, I am wondering if the back up didn't work while I was away, or could they be somewhere on Google plus but I just can't find them (I am not too tech-savvy)

    Would anyone have any idea if there is maybe a chance of recovering them?

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    08-24-2014 05:17 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Google+ Auto Backup will only work for photos you take with the camera, so if any of those photos were transferred to the phone somehow, they wouldn't have been automatically backed up. Photos should all be in the Auto Backup folder in your Google+ Photos page.

    It also requires an active mobile data or wi-fi connection, so if you had taken the photos on vacation without an internet connection, and then the phone got lost before it was able to find a connection, then they wouldn't have been backed up.
    08-24-2014 03:02 PM
  3. Nickytam72's Avatar
    Thanks for that. I still don't understand what exactly has happened though and don't want it to happen again. I had a good Internet connection on a mi-fi. I took the photos in the same way as others still on the back up (camera on the phone)

    I sometimes get a message asking if i want to share pics and I have said no as I just want them for my own viewing. Is this when they are backed up? I thought that they backed up immediately with no prompting if set to Auto- backup and a data/Internet connection was there? Please

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    08-27-2014 04:35 AM
  4. dark1003's Avatar
    No they are buck up automatically when connected to the internet, Also the auto sync has to be enabled for the auto back up to be done.

    To avoid this you can try using the google drive app, takes more time to upload photos and videos manually but you will be certain they are on your drive.

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    08-27-2014 08:22 AM

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