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    Hey guys!
    It seems to me I’ve found the solution!

    But firstly, a few words about the problems I’ve got…
    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and when I decided to replace my old Plantronics Discovery 975 with their Voyager Edge it had installed Android 4.3. Both events, start using the new Bluetooth devise and upgrading to KitKat (4.4.2) occurred almost simultaneously, so it was pretty difficult to recognize what was the source of the problems that I run into – hardware/firmware issues of Voyager Edge or KitKat’s quirks. The problems were the following:

    - Poor Bluetooth connection that resulted in distorted sound (not always, but often) thru the headset.
    - Regularly losing the ability to use various Edge’s features, such as calling back to the last number, checking the battery status, recognizing who’s calling, etc.
    - Note’s battery drained badly – instead of 50-60% left at the end of the day, I got 10%...

    I spoke several times with Plantronics support, but they ended advising me to replace the headset. I have neither found the specific solution in the internet and it was even reported that the factory reset would hardly help. So, that was almost the dead-end. But, there was one pretty weird solution that helped to some people – deleting the duplicates in the phone’s contact list. (You can find one in the "Update 4.4.2 broke my Bluetooth connection for my Car" thread at forum.xda-developers . com) But, since I had NO duplicates, it didn’t seem to be helpful. But then, I noticed one very strange detail – during the moments when Edge worked properly it correctly pronounced the names from my phone book, even tho some of them were quite unusual for English speaking “robot”. All of them, but one – my mother’s record, which was a simple “Mom”, but when she called me, the Edge’s notification was definitely not “calling from mom”…

    So, I just renamed “mom” to “mother”!

    Guys, can you believe that, but ALL the problems (both phone’s and headset’s) have just gone! I’ve been using it for almost a week already and it’s OK. So, you may check your contact list, whether it sounds correctly.

    Well, one issue left – weird/funny bug of the Edge’s firmware – start playing music when you take it off the cradle. (2 latest firmware updates didn’t cure that…). I just long press the voice button on the Edge to pause it. Not a big deal, to be honest.

    Oh, just one last note – since Voyager Edge cannot be rebooted you can do the following if/when you neither hear the music (!), nor the report that the headset is connected when you take it off the cradle. Just long press the Call button on the headset (in my case it runs Note’s S-voice) and then everything works just fine. (Checked twice.)
    Hope that this will help you too.

    08-24-2014 07:54 AM

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