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    My phone was stolen last night, and I've discovered a method to wipe all of my info off the phone through ADM.
    However, the phone looks to be off for most of the time (I think the person who has it shut it off after I tried calling it 3x in a row as soon as I realized that I lost it...suddenly phone went straight to voicemail).

    The device location comes up as unavailable, and thus I've been clicking on ENABLE LOCK & ERASE several times, so that as soon as the phone does turn on & connected, it would erase all content. (this is the idea, right?)

    Very early this morning (after 1AM) suddenly the phone was able to be located, and as soon as I saw this I clicked on ERASE. I then got an email from ADM saying that the Remote Erase has been requested, and the device will try to delete all content. And if successful, the android welcome screen will turn on the next time the phone is turned on.

    I think the person might have shut off the phone immediately again (maybe the phone activating suddenly might have startled them?). Is there any way of confirming whether the delete process was successful?

    I've tried locating the phone since and it comes up unavailable location again -- just as it was when the phone was off.

    Please let me know! Thank you.
    08-24-2014 08:13 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry you lost your phone. Someone actually tested the remote erase on this thread, and said that no confirmation email was sent. So there's no way for you to know, unfortunately.

    Did you have a lockscreen set on your phone? If so, and if the lock PIN/password/pattern was robust, then it's unlikely the thief can break in and steal your information. More likely than not, the thief is more interested in just doing a hard reset and using the phone for himself. Do you still have the box for the phone? If so, report the phone as stolen to the police and to your wireless provider, and give them the IMEI. The provider should then put that IMEI on a blacklist, preventing anyone with that phone from activating it again.
    09-09-2014 01:19 AM

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